Every year PROTAX REFUND assists clients that may have forgotten to apply for tax refund for prior years. In some cases it is too late to apply for tax refund! We regret clients losing their money this way! PROTAX REFUND data show that that there may be up to 20 percent of similar cases each year! That means one out of five people working in the USA doesn´t apply for tax refund at all!

That is why PROTAX REFUND offers affiliate program to visa U.S. visa sponsoring organizations, other travel agencies or all individuals applying for tax refund.

Than you should read these lines as they apply to you. You can freely ask your friends if they filed U.S. tax return. Many of them just don´t know!

YES, it is a legal obligation of every taxpayer to file U.S. Tax return! Failure to do so may result in visa denial or a fine imposed by U.S. tax authorities. PROTAX REFUND is ready to pay YOU a commission in amount of 20 USD for each client signing up with PROTAX REFUND. The client just needs to state your name in his/her ONLINE REGISTRATION. PROTAX REFUND transfers all commissions in a bank account shown in Intermediary Agreement you signed with PROTAX REFUND.

Then you should place our banner to your webpage and each client coming through your webpage and registering on PROTAX REFUND will automatically generate a BONUS 20 USD to your account. Your former clients may also mention your agency as a source of referral information during their registration. If you are interested in cooperation with us, you should first contact our office on (00420) 776 367 840 or You will be provided a unique identification number which will be placed in the particular banner so that we will be able to identify every client coming to us through your web page.

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