No hidden fees with final prices
Money directly into your account


We offer two variants of the TAX REFUND program

The difference is the payout of your money, not the price

Secured program

Refund by check to your address
2 999 CZK
  • The most used version of the program
  • The settlement process can be followed online
  • It takes about 10 weeks to process the application, print the checks and deliver them *
  • Cashing the check takes about another 4 weeks
  • The bank charges approximately 1% of the total amount for each check

Fast program

Refund to US bank account
2 999 CZK
  • The fastest way to get your money
  • The settlement process can be followed online
  • It takes about 4 weeks to process the application and send the transfer *
  • Zero transfer costs to a US bank account
  • Cannot be used to pay additional federal or state taxes
Na účet

* This data tries to best capture the time needed to process your application. The duration of the period begins on the day on which the tax authorities in the USA received your application. PROTAX REFUND has no ability to influence the length of processing by the relevant financial authorities in the USA.

We guarantee

Getting all your tax overpayments without any deductions.
Payment of money directly to you, without the intervention of third parties.

No hidden fees to surprise you

We only list final prices

Bez nároku na procenty z refundace

Peníze od úřadu přímo k vám

Assistance in negotiations with the US authorities

Sending the form to the US

Preparation of federal and state forms

Assistance throughout the process

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    We will send you access to the client portal within 5 minutes by e-mail

    Please write with the international code 00420 123...

    For students with dual citizenship you need to note the state, whose passport have you used by traveling to USA.