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Work and Travel participant and the summer wasn´t easy for me. My English was horrible and I wasn´t lucky because I didn´t earn a lot of money. I was again happy in April 2004 when I received full refund of my taxes. The money was for me a reason to return back to USA and this summer worked for me well! I worked as an ocean patrol, loved my job, improved language skills and my employer was great! I returned back in 2005 and 2006. To receive tax refund I always used PROTAX REFUND and I was every time satisfied.
Michal Jedlička
I would like to say big THANK YOU for your help with my tax refund from the USA! I have received the check with 100 % amount of money in the beginning of summer. You did a great job and I will recommend your services to all my friends who also need a help. Thank you, Radka.
Radka Haasova
I had two options where to go for summer and United States of America was number 2. But my number 1 plan failed and I was forced to go to USA. I don´t regret the choice I made cause the 2006 summer spent on Long Island, NY still brings just good memories. At the time I received all may taxes back owner of company offered me better paid job if I return back in 2007. Again great summer, again tax refund, again through PROTAX REFUND
Jan Drahos
I received first information about tax refund from my travel agency, so I knew I could apply for tax refund after my arrival back home form USA. Next year, in February, I received W-2 form mailed by my employer and I could finally apply. Refund check arrived at the end of April and I received same amount as guaranteed by PROTAX REFUND
Michaela Harcarova (SVK)
When I returned from USA I started searching for some information about tax return because I heard that I have to do it from my agency and also from my friends. I didnt have a clue where and how to apply. In my search I came accross PROTAX REFUND. They helped me out with all agenda. I received all my taxes back, didnt even expect to receive that much. I even received the check along with with an apology letter for delayed delivery. Year 2006 – my second time in USA – was even more faster and without any problem. I already registered for 2007. However the sad thing is that this was the last time in USA for me, since Im about to finish my studies. I had a great time every year in USA. I must compliment PROTAX REFUND for their personal approach. Keep up the good work. I will always recommend your company.
Alena Karsayova (SVK)
I had a great summer 2006 in USA, great friends and incredible trip across California. In winter I knew for sure that Im coming back. I didnt receive check with tax refund, all my friends did. I know PROTAX REFUND had to contact tax officials in USA. The found out that they lost my application. Eventually I did receive the check. My parents sent it to my address in USA during the summer 2007. I appreciate the cooperation with these guys and taking care of my problem. I will definatelly use the services of PROTAX REFUND again. Thanks.
Peter Ilko (SVK)

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