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You can currently receive tax refund for years 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018.

PROTAX REFUNDwas established to improve tax services provided to people working or living abroad. Typically you wait approximately 2 months till you receive your refund checks from USA by mail. You can cut time to 1 month by using U.S. Direct Deposit to your U.S. bank account. PROTAX REFUND guarantees you is highest possible refund amount, in most cases our client receives 100% of his tax refund.

YES, all PROTAX REFUND clients are provided with link where to track Federal refund check ONLINE. Beside this all clients receive updated information about date when tax return is submitted to USA or direct deposit was sent. Refund check is always mailed right onto client´s address. Direct deposit is always submitted to client´s bank account.

The answer here is not easy. Final refund amount depends on type of your visa, country of origin, length of stay, amount of total income and other variables. All these factors may affect your tax refund amount. Before PROTAX REFUND submits your tax return to USA you are guaranteed to receive estimate of expected amounf of tax refund. If PROTAX REFUND fails to refund estimated amount of refund you will receive all PROTAX REFUND services for FREE!!! You can always send us an email and we will send you best estimate of your tax refund amount.

PROTAX REFUND asks you to attach scan of your signed SSN card, W-2 form from each employer you worked for (attach last paycheck if you don´t have W-2 from given employer). You should receive W-2 forms by mail usually by Feb 15 for the prior calendar/tax year. (Example: Feb 15, 2013 for calendar year 2012). If you are missing any document, contact us as we may help here.

For current price list click on SERVICES icon in main menu. PROTAX REFUND comes with 2 programs. You pick the program that best fits you. Instead of sending us money PROTAX REFUND can send you money! You receive a BONUS in amount of 20 USD per each client that states your name in ONLINE REGISTRATION. It is that simple!!!

NOT IN ALL CASES. You have an option of paying with your debit or credit card ONLINE from your account on Visa, Masterdard and Maestro are supported and the whole system is secured via PayMuzo – World leading online payment system. You just have to check with your bank if your debit (credit) card is not blocked for internet based payments. Payments done by credit (debit) cards are free of charge!

If your gross earnings exceeded certain amount, you have legal liability to file U.S tax return. If you don´t file tax return U.S. Tax Authorities will audit your account. In case they find you were not sending income tax deductions to U.S Tax Authorities, you owe money! You will be then asked to pay what you owe but also to pay a fine and debt interest. To avoid such scenario contact us in advance. In many instances we are able to manage your tax liability goes down to zero.

<p>These types of taxes (deductions) are basically upfront payments to cover basic health insurance and pension of given employee. Some visa types are exempt from this taxation. If your employer deducted these taxes from your gross earnings, you can receive a full refund using PROTAX REFUND! To be more specific, while J-1 visa is an exempt from Social Security and Medicare taxation, H2B working visa is not exempt!</p>

PROTAXREFUND does following:

  1. 100% or maximum possible refund amount guaranteed – if not, you pay zero
  2. When applying for tax refund you can upload all documents from any PC – no regullar mail necessary
  3. Full transparency – ONLINE tracking system of your refund
  4. Refund check from the USA – right on your mailing address
  5. Direct Deposit to U.S. bank account
  6. Your own client account
  7. Assistance with missing documents
  8. Fees are displayed – you know how much PROTAX REFUND will charge you. NO HIDDEN FEES !!

YES. It is essential to provide PROTAX REFUND with maximum amount of information and documents you used – if you filed yourself or using some paid preparer. PROTAX REFUND successfully helped clients with incorrect or incomplete tax return. Be very cautious when selecting business partner for this agenda!

Regretfully, stories like this we hear quite often! That is why PROTAX REFUND places your data and address in all tax forms and you see and sign the forms yourself. Your refund check is then sent directly to your mailing address. If you ask for a U.S. direct deposit, the refund is transfered directly to that bank account. PROTAX REFUND cannot anyhow manipulate your money or refund check! If you were a subject to similar illegal activity you should contact us. We can provide you with a contact information of U.S. Tax Authority assisting taxpayers in such cases. PROTAX REFUND is here to help, since 2001!

YES, you can. However if you are not an expert on nonresident tax returns we don´t recommend you to do so. Various tax forms and procedures varies state by state. U.S tax Authorities will not assist you here and you can end up paying owed tax, fine or and/or debt interest if you file incorretly. Rather use PROTAX REFUND as a reliable partner. Our satisfied clients speak for us! Some clients are using U.S. webpages allowing them to apply for tax refund ONLINE. PROTAX REFUND strictly warns all clients not to use such portals as these are here for U.S. tax residents only. Almost all foreigners are regarded as nonresidents for tax purposes!

In future every client can be audited by U.S. Tax Authorities and incorrect tax return may result in a payment of owed taxes, fine and debt interest! In other words you might end up paying more what your tax refund is worth of! PROTAX REFUND can tell whether type of your visa falls under tax resident or tax nonresident category!


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