How does it work?

Your way to bigger tax returns it starts with us.
Step by step procedure


Why file a tax return in the US?

You are required by law to file a US tax return. You have an obligation to prove the submitted return to the visa sponsor. Use the possibility of retroactive submission only from 2019, earlier after consultation.


File a tax return for everyone who worked in the US You can receive a refund for overpayments to a US bank account or by check to a postal address Adhere to the deadline for additional tax payment (until 15.4. ). Don’t leave everything to the last minute. By meeting the deadline, you will avoid delays in the process or penalties and fines

Deadline 15.4. the following year

We cannot influence the speed of tax return processing by the US authorities

What documents do I need from all employers

W-2 form

Key document. Sent by the employer at the beginning of the following year after working in the US - a copy is enough

Copy of last check

It is an alternative to the W-2 form, for filing. If you have a W-2, it is not necessary to but it is an advantage.

Inclusion of all work

It is necessary to include work, which the visa sponsor does not know about

Other necessary documents

SSN Card

A copy of your card, only the assigned number can be used individually.

J-1 Visa and DS forms

In the event that the employer deducted from you Social and Medical tax

Command contract

The contract with our company for the creation of a return is sufficient to be signed once, even before the preparation of the documents.