It is always difficult and stressful to find reliable provider of any service when searching the Internet. PROTAX REFUND was created to help many frustrated clients, who were not able to file a tax return, filed incorrectly, received low or no refund. Many of them applied either themselves or using some paid preparer and were not satisfied with the final amount of refund they received or poor communication from side of the paid provider. PROTAX REFUND tries to be fully transparent giving its clients chance to ONLINE track their refund checks. All refund checks are submitted straight onto client´s mailing address or bank account in the United States. Here are some statistical data that may show our rate of give you a better view of on the level of our services.

Average and maximum amount of tax refund

Consider bewlo listed values as approximate! Average refund amount hasn´t been changing much since year 2001. In other words, PROTAX REFUND clients typically reach every year roughly same level of gross earnings and same amount of tax withholdings. Tax refund amount doesn´t only depend on gross earnings but on amount of taxes withheld but also on different level of taxation in each US state, type of a visa, length of stay in USA or country of origin of each client. Maximum amount PROTAX REFUND refunded shows client with really high gross earnings. Only few clients each year reach such amount of tax refund!

Most frequent problems

PROTAX REFUND data show that approximately 5–7% of all refund checks are returned back as undeliverable mostly with incomplete or wrong address. Lost refund checks can be prevented when the refuns is deposited to any U.S. bank account. Other problems can be avoided by clients themsleves. Clients should double check they provide PROTAX REFUND with valid mailing address and all documents while submiting ONLINE theirclaim. To minimize the problem named above PROTAX REFUND offers its clients an option to ask for a Direct Deposit in any U.S. or domestic bank. Direct deposits should avoid such problem with undelivered refund checks.

Listed below are most frequent problems:

  • incorrect mailing address of a client – please make sure you send us proper format of your address
  • missing W-2 forms – you have to attach W-2s from all employers you worked for. In case of missing W-2 form attach at least last paycheck from given employer.
  • missing or wrong Social Security Number – if possible attach a scan of SSN card with your signature when filling out ONLINE REGISTRATION, missing SSN card can delay processing of your refund
  • incomplete data or incomplete gross earnings information – you MUST show all your earnings even if no taxes were withheld. Also please try to scan all documents in a printable quality

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